Spa Time with Isowa

If you really know Isowa, you know that I love spas. I love to relax, unwind, take breaks and have some “me” time. I decided to take some days off work this week to get some rest physically and mentally. This helps with Sickle Cell, a chronic illness that I suffer (check out more info here). I later realized that the day I was at the spa somehow coincided with #worldmentalhealthday.

I have been to several resorts and spas, so where did I go this time? I was at Salamander Resort. Beautiful place, about 25 minutes from home in Virginia. I had scheduled a 50 minute CBD Oil massage with Hot stone enhancement.

I got in about 40 minutes before to relax a little before the massage. Once you walk in you can literally feel the aroma of the spa (water fountains, essential oils etc.). The relaxation room was spacious, with fruit infused water, Teas, cookies, white chocolate mini pretzels, fruits and other snacks.

After the massage, which was great by the way, I spent time in the hot tub, aromatic steam room, warm tile beds, shower room with varied shower types like rain forest, Savannah etc. I sometimes enjoy the amenities for about 2 hours. Gosh I feel like going back now.