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My Camera Bags

I remember many years ago when I started taking photos as a young teenager. I used a few disposable Kodak film cameras that I put in my pocket or just held. Then I got my first digital camera which I would place in my purse, or its holder (I think there was a time I also put it in a sock for protection). I then got a Canon EOS SLR (for a summer photography class) and other digital cameras that had their respective pouches/bags. Fast forward to about 5 years ago, a couple of years ago and today…….I got my first Canon DSLR and then upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark IV in 2016.

I also have a YouTube video showing some of these bags (see below). You can also subscribe to my channel here.

Ok, back to my Camera bags.

So, I got this bag below in 2010/2011 and I really like the fact that it’s a kinda mini back pack with many sections for my lenses, batteries, camera body and still kinda compact compared to many camera backpacks out there. I do like this when I have a big photo session or when I travel internationally. I get to take more of my equipment and back-up accessories when I need them.

I purchased the second bag below in 2015 and I love it. It is the Case Logic SLRC-201 SLR Zoom Holster in black. I recently used it at the last Disney trip, it was so easy to have and only held my camera body with either my canon 50mm lens or the canon 16-35mm lens that I got from It has two side pockets where I can put some chewing gum, lip gloss, sunglasses etc. This is definitely, a keeper.

The third bag I have is one that I got this year and I am really loving it as well. It’s the Tenba Messenger DNA 10 Bag in Dark Copper (638-474). This bag has different option sizes and I decided to get the medium sized one. It comes with different compartments for my camera, lens, accessories. It is also a really good travel messenger bag. I used it for tours in Paris and it was pretty comfortable. There are many reviews for this bag on YouTube and there is one from below.

I also recently purchased a Selens High-Capacity Shockproof DSLR SLR Camera Padded Bag Case Partition Camera Insert, basically to make my own camera bag (very good if you are on a budget). So I place the padded case into any bag (see sample bag below) that will fit my camera and lenses, and I’m good to go. It’s good for events like conferences, showers, family events etc.

Another item I have is for my vlogging camera. I recently started my YouTube channel: Isowa Gallery and decided to purchase this camera and a case to hold it with. The item I have is this Travel case. It is so cute and compact, comes in different colors and feels hard, which can protect the camera. I also put some memory cards in the pocket.

I also use a protective wrap for my cameras. I use it for occasions when I do not want to carry all my camera gear, or the full camera bag. I got the Domke F-34M 15-Inch Protective Wrap -Red , and it is really protective, with a slight foam interior and Velcro on each end for you to wrap your camera in place. This is a keeper!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog showcasing some of my camera bags. I will try to post more blogs as often as I can.

Note that most of the images I shoot are also listed for print and mount sales. You can check them out in my Shop.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel - Isowa Gallery. I upload videos relating to Photography, Travel, Lifestyle and more.

Thanks and be kind!


Love it, very fashionable bags. More choices


Love reading this very informative. The bags are all so nice. Me and my husband realy love photography too, we love taking pictures specialy natures. 😊


I love reading this blog! I hope i would have camera and those kinds of camera bags in the future. I really love photography!


Nice bags❤ I love them. They're very useful and fashionable.

Those who have cameras should have these


thank you for sharing these things really helpful and i learned something too ❤️

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