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Photography Gear (Cameras & Lenses)

Hi my blessed people! I realized that I am visual and more comfortable with photos and videos, so I decided to write brief blogs associated with some of my YouTube videos. A few weeks ago, I uploaded part 1 of My Photography Gear, specifically the cameras and lenses I currently use. Please see below the video from my YouTube channel "Isowa Gallery". I have accumulated mostly Canon cameras and lenses, but I also use my phone and other lenses that are compatible with my camera. Some of the gear are listed below, just in case you would like to purchase any.

I also talked about how the lenses are very important to make the photos look epic! Most lenses are very expensive and when I am not able to afford them, I use a website called "Borrowlenses" to rent lenses for a few days. You can rent lenses, cameras and other gear for photography and videography. There are also links below on borrowlenses.

I hope you have benefited from reading my blog. Please do not forget to Watch, Like, Comment and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Thanks and have a SPLENDID day!

Some items mentioned in the video include:

 Canon Camera Rentals -

 Canon Lens Rentals -

 BorrowLenses Special Offers -

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing is being sponsored on this blog. There may be some Affiliate links where I will receive a small commission if you buy the products through the links, but at no cost for you. Thank you.


I had no idea you could rent lenses! That is genius and I am glad you posted about the canon mark 5D. I have been looking at that camera sounds like I need to pull the trigger on it!


This is very helpful. I have a camera but have no idea how to use it.


your article is very interesting, I also use a Canon camera , the result of your photos is fantastic


This is so helpful, Im just starting to learn more about photography as I work on different elements of my blog, thanks so much for posting!


Wow nice shots I wish I have like this

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