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Cox Farms 2019 Fall Festival 

I was at Cox Farms with my family yesterday and it was so much fun. This is one reason why I like the Fall season; most cities have amazing farm fun experiences scheduled for a limited period and some requiring tickets. You can check online and try to go.

The kids enjoyed so many attractions which included; fun tunnels, slides, swings, and the Corn Maze "Cornundrum".

The Cornundrum was their favorite (even though there were a few scary bits), that they went back twice!!

Also, think warm apple cider, pumpkins, hay rides, corn fields, apple cider donuts, jokes, music, Animals and more.

Cox Farms also has a market place where they sell seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey (locally grown), ice cream, kettle corn, eggs, Apple cider, donuts, and so on. There is always something special about locally made food and items.

We also got to see different types of pumpkins.

It was a good Sunday afternoon, and we made good unforgettable memories. I hope you enjoyed the blog and it gave you a chance to experience it as well.

Note: All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and slightly edited by Adobe Lightroom mobile.

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Thanks and Be Kind!

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Sounds like a wonderful day out for the family. Lovely photos. I love the colours of fall the best.

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