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Hi my blessed people, I recently reviewed this Flexi tripod. What is it called? It is called a KAMISAFE, this company has a lot of different tripods, but I was looking for something sturdy. The KAMISAFE Flexi tripod is sturdy, looks nice, and it does not look cheap.

So why did I get this? I have been using shorter and smaller tripods compared to this one. The Tripod comes with a bag and some paper just to show reviews and registration.

Apart from the tripod, there are other items in the bag. There is a GoPro connector, for people who use a GoPro. There is also a connector for cellphones. I use a Samsung, but it could be used with any cell phone connected to the tripod vertically or horizontally. The tripod comes with a remote Bluetooth control, the cellphone connector, GoPro, and a ball head, the tripod, and a bag.

I can use it to do tabletop photography, vlogs, YouTube videos etc. It comes with a screw where you can attach your camera, it also comes with a ball head, and the ball head has a place where you can make the screw adjustable for what position you want to put your camera, you can also remove the ball head. And when you remove the ball head, it has another screw where you can directly put in your camera or your cell phone connector.

I did a full review on my YouTube Channel {ISOWA GALLERY} where I tried it with the cell phone connector, and it did seem like it held on well.

The tripod also comes with a remote, which could be connected to iOS or Android, I use Android, and I connected it to my phone, turned on my Bluetooth, the small button is for Android.

I also found that the Bluetooth shutter takes videos as well.

You can get this Tripod here on Amazon.

Thank you.

Isowa :-)


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