Hi my blessed people, I recently reviewed this Flexi tripod. What is it called? It is called a KAMISAFE, this company has a lot of different tripods, but I was looking for something sturdy. The KAMISAFE Flexi tripod is sturdy, looks nice, and it does not look cheap.

So why did I get this? I have been using shorter and smaller tripods compared to this one. The Tripod comes with a bag and some paper just to show reviews and registration.

Apart from the tripod, there are other items in the bag. There is a GoPro connector, for people who use a GoPro. There is also a connector for cellphones. I use a Samsung, but it could be used with any cell phone connected to the tripod vertically or horizontally. The tripod comes with a remote Bluetooth control, the cellphone connector, GoPro, and a ball head, the tripod, and a bag.